Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

We had a great Thanksgiving our good friends the McCleans came down to enjoy the holiday's with us. This was the first time I made Thanksgiving Dinner. I was very happy with the outcome! I could certainly do it again. We had a fun weekend playing, talking, laughing and a little shopping for antiques.

Kade and Kristine

Justin and Lyndi


My Birthday

I had a wonderful birthday. It fell on a Saturday this year, which meant a little extra pampering on Justin's part. I was trying to decide if I wanted to wake up early and go exercise or sleep in. The week leading up to it, was a rought week for our family a LOT of sickness and I spent many nights up with the kids, I choose to sleep in, it was heavenly. I woke up to several homemade cards, compliments to Keanna, pushed under my bedroom door. I walked downstairs and Justin had waffles waiting for me, was a great guy!
Originally, we were going to have a babysitter come over and we would go out, but Ayla was too sick for this. Justin stayed home with the girls and I went to Amberg and did a little shopping, it was nice and relaxing.
My neighbors came over later that afternoon and brought me some chocolates and roses. It was so thoughtful of them. It's been a delight getting to know them through a variation of charades and my choppy German. I am positive they will be life long friends.
That night Justin made dinner and we had a pecan pie (I don't like cake). Pecan pie is a special treat we get once a year, on my birthday. It was a great day thanks to a great husband. I have one more year left in my 20's! Wow, time flys!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Imperfect Perfection

I'm a decent Mom, at least I try. However, when Super Mom enters the room at a school or church function, my knee's quiver in awe. It reverts me back to High School when the good looking guy asks to borrow a pencil, I can't form a sentence to answer back.

All of you know exactly who I am talking about, it could very well be you. Unfortunately, I am not this women despite my efforts. My question is how do you accomplish this feat? When the rest of the world is sleeping, do you sew your childrens clothing, make a gourment breakfast and clean toilets? Do you have fairies in the attic, who come down and with a wave of a magic wand do your chores? I can only dream of having my home and family put together in such a manner. Incomprehensible.

How I dream to have a spotless house, a healthy delicious meal on the table at 6 pm all without turning on the TV during the day. I long to do science activities with my children after school and continually stimulate their brains so that they may fulfill their potential. The list goes on and on. However, in the end I am forcecd to give some of it up. I will keep trying to sew adorable accessories and brush my infants teeth twice a day. I am forced to realize it can't ALL be done.

So next time, super Mom cheerfully walks into the room with her 5 neatly dressed children, each child dressed coordinating with the next. The girls with their matching bows and the boys shirts with a crisp crease down the length of their arm. I will examine my 3 sweet daughters and appreciate their warm smiles and forceful hugs. I will enjoy my stained jeans and the craft cluttered kitchen table. At least for now, those 3 beautiful girls think I am Super Mom and I am grateful for that.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

It continues

This has been the worst cold/flu season our family has seen in a long time. We all take turns being sick. It's Ayla's turn.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Practice, Practice, Practice

The only way to get better is to practice. Today after church I stole Ayla away for some pictures. It only lasted about 10 minutes. She was a little confused when I asked her to take her coat OFF

We are in a transition time. Ayla doesn't take naps, but the day is still just a little too long.

Saturday with V

My neighbor let me take some pictures of her, I had a blast.
What do you like better the first picture or the second?

I LOVE the walls in Germany they are a perfect back drop! Old, with a lot of texture, but they also have moss growing on them, which adds a shot of color.

Such a pretty girl

Ayla ready for a bike ride

Lyndi taking a bath

Friday, November 13, 2009

Sick Days

The girls have been taking turns feeling sick. Today is Keanna's turn.
This means doing a whole lot of nothing
Ayla is feeling a lot better

Growing Up!

*** I am going to take everyone off getting an immediate email, if you still want to receive one, please let me know****

The other day Keanna and Justin were talking about how cavities are created. Justin said "you have tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny bugs in your mouth." Keanna said "I know, there taste bugs."

Ayla has a new pretend friend his name is "Laman." The other day Laman died he was "stomped on by a monster." We felt bad for Laman, but he quickly came to life once Ayla realized we had brownies for dessert.

Lyndi is crawling!!! I now need to babyproof the house. Currently,every book comes off the shelf every day.


Jason and Stacy joined us for some Trick or Treating and then we went to Dinner at a Traditional Bavarian Restaurant.
Ayla our little Princess
Keanna our butterfly. Keanna also made trick or treating bags for EVERYONE.

Leisure Time in Lauterbrunnen

We decided to take an alternative route home and swing by Switzerland. Justin and I have already been to this area so we decided to stay back and have a kid friendly day. We went for a little walk and found a great park.
We found someone to take our family picture. I don't know what I was doing in this picture, I promise I like my husband.
I wanted a picture with my girls. I think they were all out takes.

Lyndi Loves pulling hair

We walked past a flock of lamb and sheep, they were adorable.

Lauterbrunnen was carved out by a glacier, look at that nice U. It was beautiful to see in October and there was hardly a tourist in sight. All of the resturaunts Justin and I ate at last time, were closed. During this season it was a little more difficult to find food (the grocery store closed early), but very enjoyable.

Keanna our upcoming photographer took this shot.

I went back and took a long needed nap with Lyndi and Ayla. Justin and Keanna went to the park and had some fun Daddy daughter time. We are all so blessed to have such a wonderful Father and Husband.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Cinque Terre

This picture is a little out of place sorry. On our vineyard walk we stopped at this cemetery.Napoleon declared that cemetery's were a health risk, so this cemetery was found on a cliff out of town. Each space has an alotted amount of time and then was moved.

Cinque Terre the "Five Lands" are each placed along the shorelines of the Italian Riviera. These 5 tiny communities came about as a source of protection from Turkish Pirates up until 1400's. Pirates would come raid these communities kidnapping locals and selling them into slavery. After the raids ceased these communities prospered on fishing and vineyards. These five towns were isolated from each other up until the train line was put in 1920s.

We started out in the town of Riomaggiore we spent our time here enjoying the ocean and the scenry.

This fruit looked so fresh and delicious

It was fun to see the fisherman still working and carrying loads of equipment

We began our hike to the next town Manarola. This trail was one of the first to be established between towns. Keanna and I are standing at Via dell'Amore which is the lovers meeting point betwen the 2 cities. Notice all the padlocks surrounding this area. Thanks to Pop Culture, lovers now close a padlock together, as a symbol of loving each other forever.

Luckily this first trail was very stroller friendly.

Lyndi and I in the Piazza of Manarola. We stopped and had a little lunch break here.

We took this walk up the hill to see the Vineyards it was amazing. It seemed that there were plots of land up on this hill,divided amongst people. Persoonally, I might get a little uneasy doing all my gardening so high up.

Darling Keanna and Ayla, but you can also see the Garden Plot below them.

We were on our way to the 3rd town Corniglia

I saw this flower as we hiked up the vineyards, its beautiful. I have never seen a flower like it.

Justin and the girls were anxious to go for a little swim. The water was warmer the expected. I wish I would have brought my swimming suit.
We were a little sad that we didn't get to see Vernazza and Monterossso al Mare, but I wouldn't change the day, it was wonderful. Sometimes during travels we worry to much about seeing, that we forget to enjoy. On this day we didn't see it all, but we certainly enjoyed every minute.

World War II Memorial, (Just in Time For Veterans Day)

One of the reasons we rushed through Florence was so we could see the WWII Memorial near Florence. As I was here I thought of my 2 grandfathers and Justin's grandfather who served this country in WWII. Those must have been difficult times and I am sure their memories are lasting and have changed them forever. How grateful I am for their service and the Freedoms I currently enjoy. Veterans Day is in a few short days, thank you for your service.

As I was here I also thought of those who are currently serving our country. As a military family I have seen the effects deployment can have on families and on soldiers.It's a sacrifcie for the soldier to put themselves in harms way and to leave their spouses and children. I have seen mothers weep for their husbands and struggle through their own battles. I am also grateful for those who are currently serving our country. Thank you.

This wall was covered with names and the State of servicemembers who served our country and gave their lives during World War II

It was a beautiful fall day and the changing leaves were beautiful

Our children didn't recogonize this as a sacred memorial rather as a playground. However, I am sure our Grandfather's would rejoice in seeing their children enjoying the Freedoms that they fought for.

Each one of these crosses represented a Christian Service Member and each Star of David represents a Jewish Service Member who gave their life for our country.

To me each one of these memorials represented more then just a single person, but a family. Parents, siblings, a spouse or children who also sacrificed.