Friday, November 28, 2008

Wien Austria

Leah and I decided it would be fun to take a girls trip to Wien (Vienna) Austria. We are lucky enough to have wonderful, supportive husbands that watched the kids. Below is a picture of us starting our trip the day before Thanksgiving. I admit, I did a terrible job taking pictures this trip.

Vienna is were the Hapsburg Royalty's dynasty was built. The Hapsburg supplied many of the Holy Roman Emperors. Even after the Holy Roman Empire was dissolved the Hapsburgs were the royalty of Austria. We spent a good amount of time looking at museums etc. about this royal family.Below is the Gothic St. Stephens cathedral. It somehow managed to survive the WWII bombs, all except the roof, which was rebuilt in 1952.
Leah and I hiked this 450- foot high tower (343 stairs) to enjoy the great view of the city. It took my breath away, in more then one sense.

We visited the Kaisergruft (crypt) where the Hapsburgs tombs (around 150) still remain. Intrestingly, they buried their hearts in the nearby Augustinian Church and their entrails in the crypt below St. Stephens cathedral. All of the Hapsburgs were married in the Augustinian church where their literal hearts will remain forever. Ahh, now isn't that romantic.
We visted the Hofburg Palace and were able to tour beautiful silver and porcelain collection, learn a little about the empress Sisi and see the beautiful Palace. Unfourtunatley, we were unable to take pictures. I guess you will have to go and see if for yourself.

The picture below was taken right before entering the Palace.
Empress Elizabeth (1837-1898) or know as Sisi was married to Franz Joseph. Franz Joseph was a terrible military man who helped start WWI and helped end royal families.

Sisi was know for her ankle length hair and tiny waist. It was intresting to see her exercise room inside the palace. Below is a picture of Leah and Sisi's sillouhuette.

We were lucky to have sunshine as we walked out of the palace. It was a perfect day.
We also toured the Treasury which held royal jewels, swords, sceptors and crowns from the Hapsburgs. Below is Rudolf II crown, I believe he died 1602.

That evening I watched my first Opera, Salome. Which is basically the story of John the Baptist's death. I didn't know what to expect, but I really enjoyed it! There was a translation monitor in front of each seat. It was perfect we had beautiful music AND I understood the story. We were cheap and purchased the "standing room only" seats, which mean't we had to stand. Next time, I will splurge and buy a seat.

Wien World Famous Opera House

It was such a wonderful trip. We saw some incredible sights, but I think the best part was the good conversation. It felt like a sleepover again, talking until 2 AM in the morning.

Potty Training, Take 2

I thought that allowing Ayla to be naked would help her better understand her bodily functions. She doesn't enjoy being naked and typically covers her bum as she walks around the house (I hope she keeps her modesty tendencies).

Unfortunately, after an hour or so of being naked and "potty training" she decided that she had enough. She picked up her potty chair and threw it out the door and exclaimed "No, potty, no potty do da (movie)!"

Keanna's Snowman

Keanna has been loving the snow! As soon as she get's home from school she puts on her snowpants, gloves and goes outside to play. One afternoon, Keanna began rolling up this snowman. Later, she ran inside looking for items to give the snowman a face. I was so proud of Keanna's snowman, the first snowman that she made all by herself.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dance Recital

Keanna has been taking dance for about a year now and she really enjoys it. Ayla also loves dance. Ayla also dresses up in a leotard and dances and plays while Keanna takes her lesson. Once, Ayla turns 3 we will definetely put her in a class. Sadly, I didn't take any pictures during the actual classes.
This past weekend Keanna had a recital. Justin is out of town for a couple days so it was my sole responsibility to take pictures, get video and care for Ayla. I got the entire dance filmed, managed Ayla, but only got these 2 pictures of our little dancer.

Keanna and her friend Olivia from school

Brrr, getting ready for winter.

Justin has been really busy with reintegration and on call duty for the last 1 1/2 months. I kept thinking, that I needed to put down the trampoline before it snowed. Finally, Justin had a Saturday off and it snowed.
It was sure cold untying all those knots. I think next year, I will be a little bit more proactive.

Happy Birthday to me

Keanna was scheduled to have pictures taken for dance, the evening of my birthday. I concluded that I was officially a grown up and my birthday would be another day. Consequently, I think this was my first birthday where I didn't get giddy and excited. Lucky for me, I was wrong. Here are some pictures of Keanna, with makeup and Ayla.

Justin woke up early and make me waffles! yummy! and my friend Cori, called and insisted on taking our girls and taking Keanna to get her picture taken, so Justin and I could go out to eat. It was totally unexpected and a lot of fun!

We came home that evening and Justin had one small little present for me to open. He gave me a beautiful diamond necklace!!! I was so suprised! It has five small stones, one for everyone in our family, it's very beautiful! He said now that he's working with a bunch of girls, his presents might be a little different. Thanks Justin, I love it!!!

On Saturday, we enjoyed some birthday pecan pie with the girls. I wish we would have taken pictures on Friday night, I actually did my hair and makeup!!! Instead, we took a picture on Saturday, oh well!

Thanks Justin for making this day unordinary!

Saturday, November 15, 2008


I was tagged by Amanda

1) Link to the person who tagged you.

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3) Write 6 random things about yourself (see below).

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1. One of my bad habits it leaving the kitchen cupboards open. There have been times I have walked in the kitchen and every cupboard was wide open. This stems from my bad habit of snacking. I brainlessly walk in the kitchen, open every cupboard, until I find something to eat.

2. When I was in Kindergarten, I wanted to be Jem (you know the cartoon). I actually, thought her name was Jam. I would play super star singer with one of my friends. I would pretend I was "JAM" and he would put a blanket over my head and "kidnap" me.

3. One of my favorite snacks as a child was cheese and strawberry jam. Maybe it stemmed from my "Jam" obsession? However, it was quite good. I haven't tried it for awhile, maybe I should give it a go.

4. I'm not naturally very girly. However, with this 3rd girl on the way, I have recently decided to get on board. I have been making bows, making cute hats and thinking pink. I decided, "why fight it" we are obviously a girl family.

5. I develop crushes on fictional characters such as Jack Bauer (24), Edward Cullen (twillight series) and my most recent crush is Michael Schofield (Prison Break). Justin is aware of all of them, but is confident.

6. I had to ask Justin for our first hug.

I tag Rachel, Regina and Rebecca (wow all R's).

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Playing Football in November with Uncle Rico

While still at dental school, I discovered that most Army bases have intramural flag football leagues. I was very excited. Last year I was unable to get on a team, but this year we assembled a team of several dentists, dental assistants, and a pharmacist. Our team captain takes football very seriously and ordered matching jerseys, socks, and wrist bands. Despite co-workers insisting that I might be a little too old, I played in the weekly games primarily as wide reciever. The first game was rough, and I ended up getting 3 stitches in the chin (the other guy had to get 8).

Despite being a little bit heavier now than I was 13 yrs ago (about 40 pounds), I still don't have a real intimidating presence.

Above is our team. After the regular season, we had playoffs--a double elimination tournament. We won the tournament and were invited to play in the US Army in Europe championship, which was in November. I was especially excited since playing football in November was always a goal way back in high school. It turns out that the tournament was during the work day and I was unable to play (yes, I did pout).

Keanna was so excited to see that I was given a Piston Cup when we won the championship.

It is a little sad now that I have to wait until next year to play again. I had a great time, and I feel a little bit like Uncle Rico (from Napolean Dynamite) when I think of how excited I was each week to run around and reminisce about the good times. Emily, however was quite pleased when the season was finally over.

It was fun to have uniforms, even though they looked a little too much like Powder's old rival, Cove. The uniform does seem to add a few pounds up top and decrease the overall athletic and youthful appearance of the player.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


We had several fun Halloween activites, but I took my camera to only one! Keanna had the parade at school where Keanna was the "cheerleader who is a good reader." Ayla dressed up as an adorable lady bug. We also attended the ward trunk or treat and went trick or treating as a family. We received WAY to much candy, it's already found it's way into the garbage can.

Keanna's Birthday/ Party

We let Keanna open one present before school! What a great way to start a fun day!

Keanna before she went to school on her birthday!
This was Keanna's first FRIEND birthday party. I was a little suprised at how busy 9 kids can be. Lucky for me my good friend Leah was there to help things run smoothly! Without Leah, I don't know what I would have done.

We had a lot of fun games and activites some which included making pumpkin masks, string on a doughnut, candy toss and the all time favorite WHO'S THE GHOST!
Keanna and OwenChristopher


Liberty and Emily
Keanna, after blowing out her birthday candle!

Keanna opening birthday presents!
This is the party group with their scary pumpkin masks!

Emma, Riley, Owen, Hailey, Liberty, Ellie, Keanna

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

We will be going Private

We have decided that it's time to go private. I have been debating this for some time, but feel for safety reasons it's the best answer. So... if you are intrested send me an e-mail with your e-mail address or leave a comment. My e-mail is

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Young Men had a little party here a couple weeks ago. Ayla asked to go to bed as soon as she saw the scary masks. Keanna participated in the activites and won the prize for the fastest bobber.

Did I mention she used her hands?