Thursday, October 30, 2008


Every night, I lay in bed promising myself that I will eat better the following day. My good intentions, are quickly ruined by my ungovernable appetite.
Unfourtunately, my snacking consists of too much junk and not enough Healthy food.
This is where YOU can help out :)
I know I have a lot of health conscience friends out there, so help me out here! Please!

POttY tRaiNinG (Part 1)

Last Wednesday, I woke up with 3 diapers on hand. Our comissary isn't open on Wednesday, and the next closest one is a 45 minute drive. I could have shopped at a German store, but even with the dollars meager recovery, it still hurts the pocketbook. I dediced it was...
a good day to start Potty Training!!!
Lucky for me, Keanna is very supportive and encourages Ayla.
I have been dreading potty training. Let's roll up the rugs and let the fun begin.

Sometimes, Ayla get's a little nervous. She likes me to hold both of her hands, and practice deep breathing. I guess, it helps me practice for child birth.

The day was quite successful, she went Pee, pee 2 times in the potty! Since Thursday, Ayla, refuses to wear Pull Ups or panties. I have been a little busy, so I haven't pushed the matter. After Halloween, we will begin Potty Training part 2.

Raking Leaves

Justin loves raking (playing), in the leaves with the girls. It seems like they got more playing in then raking.

22 weeks

This is me 22 weeks pregnant, okay not the best picture! I have eaten a lot of Halloween chocolate since that picture. Hmm... I wonder if my belly is much bigger.


I love sunsets! Here is one of the beautiful October sunsets from our porch.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Nan!

What a special girl Keanna is! I am so thankful she was sent to our family. Here are a few reasons that we adore her.

  • Keanna is the best big sister. She always helps Ayla, and is very patient with her. Keanna is good at celebrating Ayla's successes, and isn't jealous.
  • Keanna has a way of making you feel good about yourself. I think this is a natural talent that she has, but you just feel good when your around her.
  • Keanna is very good at crafts! She loves to color, work with yarn, paint and stamp (I think she needs to visit Aunt Wendy for this one)!
  • Keanna enjoys learning. She loves to play learning games in the car, read books, do experiments and practice Work on Phonics.
  • Keanna has good self discipline. On Saturday morning, Justin and I try to sleep in, which means cartoons go on. She often turns off the TV, and says she has watched too much TV, and that she doesn't want to turn into a TV.
  • Keanna is a great traveler! She puts up with the long drives, and our many walks through cities. Her idea of a family day, is getting ice cream and walking around town.
  • It's fun to see Keanna learning the concept of teasing. She likes to play tricks and make jokes with Mom and Dad.

It's been fun thinking about our last 5 years with Keanna and the special day that this is for her and for me!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Family Fun

The next month will be quite busy for Justin at work. We wont be able to see him, for the next couple Saturdays. We were happy to have a family fun day before things get busy. We decided to go to Pottenstein and take a few rides on the luge.

Mommy and Keanna taking a ride.
Just a glimpse of what the luge looks like
All done after a fun ride!

Justin and Keanna on their way up!
Daddy and Keanna after a fun ride

Ayla couldn't take a ride because of her age. Maybe for her third birthday we will take a trip over and let her see what all the hype is about. Luckily, we were able to buy some ice cream to make up for the missed ride.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sherbet anyone?

I love our cute German babysitter! This has happened a couple times, and I get a great laugh from it! I often find the juice concentrate opened, with what seems like a kitchen knife and then distributed in bowels, like sherbet ice cream! She must think Americans are weird.

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Training Wheels are off!

Daddy thought it was about time to teach Keanna to ride her bike, without training wheels! They had just cut the grass in the field in front of our house and Justin thought the grass would be a softer fall, then cement.

Keanna has done so well! She is still a little unsure about it, but in time it should be no big deal.

Here are some cute pictures of Ayla.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Say goodbye to our financial future

We decided to make an afternoon stop in Oberammergau after Justins Dental Conference. We enjoyed the sunshine, Italian Eis and window shopping. I have been wanting a nice pair of boots for sometime, so when we passed a shoe/boot store, Justin suggested we take a look.

Justin's entire life savings flashed before his eyes, as his three girls, got giddy over all the shoes!!! The girls tried on about every girl shoe in the store, independent of the size, and I had finally found a number of boots that I liked!

As the girls and I were enjoying our experience, I glanced over and noticed Justin looking a little pale. What's the matter? He then gave me an account of a conversation he had with a friend. Justin then told me,

"No one can afford 3 girls and I have 4!"

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Linderhof Palace

We were so sad to see Dale, Leslie and Garrity go. We enjoyed catching up with them and showing off our adorable kids.
We visited another one of King Ludwigs Castles Linderhof. He spent much more time at this castle and we were able to see why he is the "Mad King Ludwig." Above, are my cute girls at one of the many fountains.
Chariot fountain
This is a man made cave. He would have his own personal opera concerts in here. The main charachters would stand over by the mural, the choir and orchestra would stand where the picture was taken and he would float around in his little boat. Can you say excentric!
Family picture, soon to be outdated :)
Leslie, Garrity, Jstin, Ayla, Keanna, Dale

Friday, October 3, 2008

More trip photos

We spent a couple days in Garmisch enjoying the beautiful Alps and fairy tale castles.

We were so happy to have Garrity with us. The girls adored her and wanted to spend all their time with her.
The Austrian Alps, we had to make a stop, walk around, and take in the beauty.
A cute picture of Garrity, Leslie and Dale

Neuschwanstein Castle. King Ludwigs fantasy palace that was lived in for a few short months. Next, time you watch a Disney movie see if you can identify their famouse castle. Keanna knew exactly who to go to so she could get carried up the hill.
Ayla began a new habit on this trip. When she wouldn't get her way, she would lay on the ground and throw a fit. It's difficult, it to be good parents when traveling. Mommy and Ayla
Just, a cute picture of our Ayla
I have been to the castle before so volunteered to stay outside with Ayla. As I was taking pictures, I saw the crew inside the castle. Do you see them waving?
Justin, Ayla, Keanna, Garrity, Dale and Leslie