Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Beautiful Beans

We bought a 20 pound box of beans and we decided we would freeze them. It was sure great to have some good help (Leslie included). and really I thought these beans were beautiful in my kitchen sink I can't exactly explain it, but if you look closely you can find beauty everywhere

Monday, March 14, 2011

More ski pictures

Justin took Keanna up on her last school ski day of the year. They had a lot of fun and Keanna wasn't embarrassed by here Father's ski skills.

Stacy and her girls Sierra, Lindsey and Megan

Lindsey walking up the stairs.

Justin and Keanna in front of the lodge

Justin was brave enough to take our camera up on the slopes with him. I was afraid I would crash on the way down and destroy it.

Keanna on the chair lift

Megan, Roper and Keanna

Valentines Day

It's funny how Valentines Day has changed over the years. When Justin and i were first married I definetely wanted a heart felt card or gift from him. Now I just want something fun and simple for our daughters to remind them that we love them. On Valentines Day Justin brought home a balloon for the girls (thank you dollar store) and some pens, bubbles and paints. Below is a picture of our girls waiting for Justin to unveil their gifts.

I convinced Ayla that it would be fun to match her little sister, it's fun having girls.

All the girls wanted hearts on their cheeks for this special day.

We didn't get a picture of Keanna before she left for school, but she wore heart tights and a heart belt and out of paper made some nice hearts to put on her shirt.