Monday, August 16, 2010

Beautiful Sunset

On the Ranch again

Grandma didn't waste any time getting her grandkids onto a horse
All the girls LOVE riding horses

Lyndi, Grandma and Keanna

Range, Megan and Lindsey

A group of grandkids riding with grandma

Intially, Ayla was quite afraid of the dogs. She made great progress and has really learned to love them.

Happy Girl

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Justin

July 17th was Justin's birthday. They day afterwards we took a 5 minute drive up to the mountains and had a birthday dinner celebration.
Justin lighting his own birthday cupcake candles


Justin blowing out his candles after making a wish


Goodbye Vilseck Dental Clinic

Cpt Bingham receiving an award from his commander Col Linn
Cpt Bingham admiring his coin

The staff at Vilseck Dental Clinic


As we packed out of Germany we spent a lot of time 'running erands' The girls always did a good job and were for the most part quite pleasant.

Justin found a pinata and we decided to entertain the kids with the pinata one morning.

The girls enjoyed the candy and

the hats the pinata provided them afterwards.

In Europe a child running around naked is common place. Upon our return to the states I have realized that there are a few things we will need to change to be socially acceptable.