Tuesday, April 21, 2009

While Keanna's at school Ayla...

fights off intruders while riding her white stallion to school. Ayla also...

nibbles on gouda cheese like a sneaky mouse.

Easter Dresses

I really enjoy dressing up my girls in matching dresses. I wish we had a JoAnn's Fabric store close by so I could make all 4 of us a matching skirt. Wouldn't that be fun all 4 of us dressed up in a similar oufit!

Dying Easter Eggs

With that many leg rolls its wise to air them out occasionally
Keanna is deep in thought

Ayla holding her hair back so she could see the eggs she was dying

Dad helping the girls dye the Easter Eggs.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Ayla!

It was so much fun having family here for Ayla's # 3 birthday. We had so much fun eating ice cream and opening presents.
I love the above picture of Ayla holding her hair back. Most mornings I pull her hair back into a ponytail, but within a few hours she pulls it out. Her beautiful long hair always gets in her eyes, so she always holds her hair back.

Big sister needed to help her blow out her one candle.

All Ayla wanted for her birthday was a chocolate cake with pink frosting. She got what she wanted.


Sunday, April 12, 2009


On Wed we went to Bayrueth, this city is only about 45 minutes away. It's a beautiful city with it's golden age around the mid 1700's with Wilhelmine as their ruler. Wilhelmine was the favorite sister of the Prussian King, Fredrick II. Several castles were built and the famous composer Richard Wagner moved here in 1872.

First, we went to Margraves Opera House, built in the 18th century, it's one of the finest Baroque theaters in Europe. Richard Wagner, the composer was attracted to this opera house and did many performances here. (sorry no pictures, its tricky with 3 kids).

Next, we went Eremitage Gardens at the Old Castle on the outskirts of town. Sadly, the castle was closed, but we were able to walk around the gardens for free it was beautiful! I took many pictures here!

Keanna and Ayla

If you look really close you will see a man in a red shirt sitting on a bench, that's my Dad.

Dad and Tami exploring

Dad and Tami. Wilhelmine liked to have "ruins" in her backyard, maybe a good idea for your next landscaping project.

The girls had a lot of fun jumping and rolling down the hill. They were adorable.

The building below was a new add on to the old castel, it was covered in these rocks in a stripe pattern. It was very intresting and beautiul.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


My Dad, Tami and Tami's Mother Francis arrived Saturday April 3, 2009 at the Prague airport. They had quite the misfortune with their luggage. After 30 hours they arrived, but their luggage did not. Luckily, they were prepared and they each had one spare set of clothing. We did a lot of washing the first couple days, but by Monday afternoon MOST of their luggage was here. They still hadn't received everything. We blessed Lyndi on Sunday and on Monday Justin took everyone to Flossenberg. A concentration camp about 45 min away. I stayed home to wait for the luggage. I was okay, with this I have been twice already.

Lyndi's Blessing Day

Lyndi Nadine Bingham was given her name and blessing on April 4, 2009. It was wonderful to have my Dad here to participate.
Lyndi was blessed at 8 pm after we watched the Sunday Morning session of Conference. It was a peaceful event with a few members of our ward present.
My poor Dad's clothes got lost in transition. He had 2 shirts he could choose from.

Lyndi's beautiful dress was hand crocheted by Justin's mother Leslie. She is very talented and has made a dress for each of our girls.

Justin gave Lyndi a beautiful blessing.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Random pictures

I can't forget my other cute girls with all this photo taking

The above picture is Lyndi at 5 weeks old, I can't believe she is already in 3-6 month clothes!

Justin loves to snuggle his girls

the above picture is Lyndi at 3 weeks and 2 days old