Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Passau began as an ancient Roman colony. We began our day visiting the fortress on top of the hill. The Veste Oberhaus once housed the Bishop. There were a few attacks on this fortress from the citizens of Passau. They were also attacked by the Ottoman Empire.

We hiked up and down a few hills at this point. A red wolf is the symbol of Passau we had our girls keep their eyes open to help us identify all the red wolves.

During the Renaissance Period Passau was known for their sword making.

The main city of Passau is shaped kind of like a peninsula. Three rivers merge into one. In the above picture you can see the Danube. The Inn and Ilz also merge into one point.

Intresting fact: The Danube starts in the Bavarian Forest in Germany and ends in the Black Sea.

You can see the point of the rivers merging in this picture with me and my older girls.

Cooling off in a fountain in the middle of Passau

Wishing we had a dog.

There were sun dials all throughout town and I loved all the Baroque architecture.

St. Stephens has the largest organ outside the US and the largest cathedral organ in the world.

beautiful Baroque styled St. Stephens cathedral. I wish i had a picture from the outside with 3 beautiful onion shaped domes.

LOVED this bike

Someday soon I expect to be ridiculed for wearing these glasses

Passau has some great parks

yup i needed to adjust my aperature!!! I don't have photoshop so... you get what you get

Thursday, June 24, 2010

June 24 an afternoon walk

I will miss watching the Barley

dance in the wind.

I will always cherish our family walks down the hill

past the poppies

to the small church.

I will certainly miss

the beautiful landscapes

on these walks.

The walk back up to our house is always better

when you can hitch-hike home.


Sorry about the eating pictures... However, we are just happy to see that Lyndi is finally eating solid food. It has been a struggle for her to consume anything but soymilk. Lyndi is a busy girl she loves to watch things drop and is quick to pull things down. She loves to copy her sisters and is constantly trying to do what they do. She also sings, dances and has the funniest squished up smile. Lyndi is learning more words each day and sometimes it's suprising to hear her gruff voice coming from her. Lyndi is tall 97% and for our family skinny 72% and is still one of the best huggers around! We sure love her and wouldn't trade her for the world.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Keanna is such a joy to be with and talk to. Keanna often disappears for hours, I can typically find her reading a book or busily working on a project. I am always impressed with the random facts that she has learned from a book. Keanna also loves school and she keeps me on my toes trying to find something for her to learn. Keanna is a great big sister and I am truly grateful for her helping hand and tender heart.


Ayla is my little helper. Whenever I am cooking she pulls up a chair to help and when I 'm cleaning she pulls out a rag. Ayla loves to play house and she is always the Mommy. Mommy skills are practiced on Lyndi wether she like is or not. Usually she is up for a song loves and dance as long as you let her have her solo. We are so happy she is a part of our family.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Emma Ray

It's moments like these that make me excited to be close to family. My little brother and wife had their first child a couple days ago. She was born early and weighs around 4 pounds!!!
What a sweet little girl! congratulations Andrew and Katherine

Goodbye Note

A cute little note Keanna wrote about what she will miss about Germany. She takes after me #1 I will miss the chocolate. I will raise my water glass to that one.

Empty House

A few pictures of our house during transition. Our house is now empty and we have borrowed a few pieces of furniture and we will begin getting out of the Army. We have heard this can be a difficult process. Now with an empty house we really feel the excitment of the move. We are enjoying some of our lasts here in Germany. i am sure there will be more posts to come

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


(For those of you who know me, I love to reminisce! I think it can be fun, but also a way to improve, but also see improvement. This blog is just that.)

As the Doctor laid my first child upon my breast I felt paralyzed with doubt and fear. I looked into my Husband’s wet eyes and noted his happy tears streaming down his face; I was embarrassed at my lack of joy. Instantly, I knew I loved her and felt swelling within my heart. As I touched her pink velvet cheek against my own, I couldn’t help but wonder about whom this baby was and knew I wasn’t qualified to be her mother.

My decision to stay home with my child didn’t come without restraint. As I held that growing child in my arms I would dream of the days I could send her to school and continue my own education. I rushed through diaper changes and forgot to cherish the fresh scent of newly bathed child.

Several years later, I had my second baby girl. This time I held my child close to my heart hoping that my heart beat would remind her of the warm womb whence she came. I did not fear because I had done this once before. The complexities of life set in shortly thereafter and a deep sadness came upon me in the upcoming months. The momentous tasks such as a diaper change overcame me and soon I did not fully appreciate her perfect smile. In time, I found an outlet to my anxieties and I committed myself daily to the local gym.

During my third pregnancy, my eldest daughter un-expectantly began Kindergarten. I was shocked at how hastily time had passed and found myself unprepared for the varied emotions experienced. My full responsibility was now being delegated to teachers at school a few hours each day. The school felt large and I hardly knew her teacher, I wanted more time with her. I had felt cheated and knew that it had been my own hand who robbed.

Thoughts and prayers continue to echo the regret of time lost with my children. I still need hours of solitude and can still be compelled to anger, but realize these moments with my young children will never be returned. Although, my children will spend too many hours at school I desire to give them my full attention upon return. I shall cherish the beautiful smiles that I am bestowed with on a daily basis. Dirty diapers will turn into potty training and I hope to never forget the smell of a pampered bum. Insecurities as a mother never fully disappear, but I hope that never deters a soft goodnight kiss from the lips of my darlings. In years to come I hope that I might weep with joy for the privilege of being a mother.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

It FINALLY feels like Summer!

The sun has finally decided to make an apperance
a decision that we are REALLY Happy with.
The girls have loved Running

Splashing and

Jumping in the water!

Sun will you please stay a few days more??