Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Basement Befores and After

Back in November I decided I wanted an inexpensive project. I decided the basement was perfect. My only costs to this basement would be paint and the labor would take me awhile. This picture was taken after my first wallpaper peelings.
As anticipated, peeling off the wallpaper took a long time to finish. I then filled in the cracks and textured the wall.
First I primed the wood and then I gave it about 4 coats with an off white latex paint. Latex is more durable and recommended for cupboards and such. I then started the cupboards the lower half first

I distressed the sides a little bit

AFter about the 4th color I finally found one I liked. Thank you Pottery Barn (from now on I will go to their paint pallete first). It's called Sandy Hook Grey, I love it!!! We are really excited how the white brightens up the room

I am not completely done with this room. I need some pictures on the open wall, floor molding and curtains, but these pictures are a pat on my back, so to speak.

I can't go without a mention to Amber Haider She really has done some amazing things around her own house. I thought I can do it to! and I'm happy I did :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Friday ski trips

At North Powder they have this wonderful ski program. For the past 5 Fridays I have gone up to Anthony Ski resort with Keanna. Each Friday Keanna receives an hour long lesson and then has a ski pass for the day. I have followed her along during the lessons and have greatly improved my skiing abilities. It's been a lot of fun to watch Keanna progress and she is now learning how to parallel ski!!!
At times I think she has been embarrassed by her "slow" Mom, but once she found out I had only been 3 times before she cut me a little slack.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Earth Friendly Keanna

Lately Keanna has become very concerned about protecting the enviornment. I'm not exactly sure where this has come from maybe the National Geographic movies that we have been watching or they have been talking about this at school. A few funny stories.
1. Keanna has decided that she wants to limit her daily showers to only 8 minutes. She requests that I bring the timer into the bathroom so she can time her showers. She was very proud to only have a 7 minute shower the other day.
We came home the other day and Justin had left the TV on. Keanna responded to Justin by telling him that he was wasting electricity and he needs to remember to turn off the television when he leaves.

Keanna and I were in a public bathroom,I washed my hands first and used a paper towel to dry my hands. She looked at me and then walked over to the hand dryer and said she wanted to help save our earth and not use more paper then needed.
I love this new phase she is going through it's helping me be a little better and it's sure fun to see her grow and mature.

Just Because

Aunt Garrity and Seth came over for dinner and Lyndi gave her a great big hug. Lyndi doesn't give a hug to just anyone, just to a few select people. Which is a quality I hope she continues throughout her teenage years.

Sometimes when I look at my kids I think they are just so darn cute and all I can really do is try to capture their cuteness.

Keanna wearing her drindle


January Relaxing

This is Ayla helping me clean up after christmas. She loved this little snowman and wanted her picture from it. She also loves this little tu-tu that Aunt Holly gave her.
I was babysitting Hunter and GAge and I came downstairs to find all the kids on the floor laying down I just thought it was cute.
Note the color of the cupboards they are now different (my multi month project)! pictures coming soon!

Monday, February 14, 2011

New Year in Monroe WA

I haven't blogged in awhile and forgot that I need to put things last first. So... We will start from the end. Which was driving home from Seattle area. It's always great when they sleep.

We also celebrated Aunt Holly's Birthday!!

What a yummy cheesecake

Justin and I took Lyndi for a walk on our trip and I got some fun pictures
She kind of looks like a rag doll.
Having fun with Dad on a curb
Holding Dad's hand
Fascinated with a neighbors cat
getting cleaned for her pictures.
This is the age when my kids really start to love their Dad, I love it!!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Kids say the funniest things

Today I was cinching up Ayla's pants and I said "we need to pull up your pants so we don't see your crack."

Ayla then answered "how does my bum get cracked?"

I then told her that everyones bums have cracks she quickly answered, "how do you know!"

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Matts New Camera

Matt got a new camera and we went outside and he was teaching me about a feature on my camera. I have to admit I was a little frustrated with it and I really didn't have any good pictures. However, I guess thats the process of learning.
MAtt giving me instruction

Christmas Card Picture

If you didn't receive a Christmas Card this year, I am sorry. I decided to send cards very last minute. We had this picture and some text. So... if you want one next year put your address on this post and I will put it into my excel Christmas card document.

Christmas Morning (geesh I am really behind)

As we were about to take our family pictue in front of our sheet Lyndi pulled it open and raced in, we went with it. It's so fun to watch the girls get excited on Christmas morning. I know that there are few of these in our lifetime so I am really trying to soak it in.
Keanna was great at her wide eye happy smile!

Ayla showing off her writing tablet

Lyndi LOVED her dog!

All Lyndi needed this year was candy!
Ayla thoughtfully unwrapping a present

Keanna checking out her microscope set
Lyndi successfully mastered unwrapping presents
Ayla isn't quite sure what this is
Keanna in love with her music box ( One of the 2 things she asked Santa for. The other was a snow globe). Check!!!
Daddy reading Lyndi one of her new books
Enjoying a sled that Santa brought
Sledding inside the house does not require clothes!!

What a wonderful Christmas back in the states (truthfully this was bittersweet) and in our first house!!!