Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Potty Time???

Is it Potty time???

what do you think???

I love my girls!!!!

I'm truly blessed to have 3 beautiful, fun and energetic children. This holiday season I truly see how blessed I am.

I think I need a green cardigan or dress so I could match the girls:) :)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

shipping day

I had the opportunity to take some pictures on shipping day for the sale of cattle.
I have learned that the weight of the cattle on shipping day is very important. Bottom line the heavier the cow the better. The cows need to be loaded into the truck, this is loading schute I am standing in the doorway to the truck

the cows huddled together waiting for their turn

Justin really dislikes it when I take pictures at this angle, but I like it :)

cattle truck

Ranchers encouraging the cattle to go into the cattle truck
inside the cattle truck, notice there is an upstairs and downstairs :)
pushing the cattle up the loading schute and into the truck

me just playing around with color

PS I am sorry if things don't make sense in this blog, really it's Greek to me :)

I'm Really 30!!!

These were a gift to myself. Kate Spade dishes. Oh, how I would love to use them to eat on, because they are so beautiful, but a little to costly!! However, I will use them to help decorate my kitchen instead :)
Me on my birthday ready to blow out the candles on my pecan pie. Justin made this pecan pie all by himself using a recipe without corn syrup!!!

I can use all the help I can get to blow out my birthday candles!!

lets hope 30 continues to be this good :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lyndi's improved room.

This is after painting and putting a few decorations up. I still need to put some more decorations on the wall, but I think it's a huge improvement!
We painted the room a very soft green. I thought this would be a good nursery color for either a boy or girl :) I'm not announcing ANYTHING
I was really excited about this curtain. The top fabric has a puckered style that creates a lot of texture. I also lined it with a fabric that keeps the light out. I made a big mistake when I measured the window, I forgot to add fabric to compensate for the gathers so it's a little short for the window.
I wish we had a picture of this room even before this. You can see where shelves use to hang. It was used as an office and the shelving really closed in the space.

We are saving our money to replace ALL of the carpet upstairs :) I'm really excited and the thought of having new carpet really does keep me from unnecessary shopping.This room isn't completely finished, but I can now put Lyndi to bed without being annoyed :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Always need practice

This was just a cute picture of Lyndi reading a book in a basket
Adorable Ayla got this windmill at school and has LOVED playing with it
which picture do you like #1 or #2

looking up at Mom

Apples, Apples Apples

We have 2 large apple trees in the back. This year I have been picking up a LOT of apples
I feel bad for letting these apples go to waste, it's just been busy moving in and getting my house in order was my priority.

I have already decided that next year I will be better. I have already thought of some options apple butter, canned cider, a little bit of applesauce, apple pie filling. I just can't have them go to waste again!

Carving Pumpkins

On Halloween Day we realized we still had pumpkins to carve. Here we are getting them carved before the trick or treaters arrived.

It's pictures like these that remind me that I have a lONG ways to go on my photography skills

Halloween Party # 3

This was our first time we were able to attend Jason and Stacy's Halloween Party, it was a lot of fun. Below is Stacy's brother Brady and Lacey Family. What a cute super hero family.
Below is Jason and Stacy family. Including Sierra, Megan, Lindsey, Hunter and Gage

Jason and Stacy were the perfect Spartan cheer leaders.

Our little family Mark Antony and Cleopatra. 2 Spanish Flamenco dancers and 1 adorable lady bug!!

Jason and Stacy did the perfect cheer routine inspired by SNL
The doughnut eating contest was a little intense

I am sad I DID NOT get a picture of the cute COX family. I had the camera on manual focus when we were taking their picture, bummer!
After the party we took the kids trick or treating around to one anothers homes. It was a perfect ending to Halloween.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Girls Bathroom Update (Christina, this is for you :)

I finally finished my shower curtain! I love the warmth that it brings to this area. Although a lot of work has been done, I still have more to do (in time) noted a new vanity, mirror and light fixture. :)

The picture above the bathroom was made with scrap material. I simply cut out a design and then painted it with fabric mod podge.
However, I must boast about the work that has already been done. A big shout out to Stacy who helped me put in new vinyl and floor boards, it's transformed the bathroom... Really it has.
I think I will use this restroom in the future :)
Christina thanks for asking, this was fun for me to put together :)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Halloween Party #2 (2nd grade)

On Thursday the 28th we had another Halloween Party at Keanna's school. This time I was a little more prepared and had the other girls also dress up. Ayla and Keanna were Flamenco Dancers. While we were in Spain the girls really wanted these dresses. We made a deal they could have the dresses if they wore them for Halloween. I thought they were adorable!!
Ayla, Lindsey and Keanna

A picture of Keanna's class. Not the best picture, but thats okay.
Again, we had too many sweets and we watched the Headless Horse Man Disney Movie (I'm not sure thats the correct title and too lazy to google it), but a classic Halloween Movie.

Halloween (Preschool Party)

The week before Halloween we had many parties. The first was Tuesday the 26th at Ayla's preschool.
little boy, Ayla and good friend Abigail starting the pumpkin roll at their party
Cute Lyndi before eating too many sweets

ayla enjoying snacks at the party

Thursday, November 4, 2010

a New friend Matty

When Justin was a Senior in high school he trained Matty. She has since lived at his parents house. She is now deaf and nearly blind. We suprised Keanna with Matty for her birthday. We all enjoy Matty and she is the perfect dog for us.
We also make a good retirement home for a dog. Plenty of food, walks to the post office, trips inside the house to clean off the floors and many hugs from our 3 girls. Welcome Matty!!!

Fancy Nancy Birthday Party

Keanna and our friend Chloe share the same birthday! We decided we would have a joint Fancy Nancy birthday party. For those of you with little girls you may know the book Fancy Nancy by Jane O'Conner. we decided to have our own low key fancy party!!
Our girls were very excited to dress up for this fancy event!!

Lyndi wore a beautiful Tiara made by her crafty mother :)

Hunter sure looked spiffy with his spiked hair and fancy clothes. However, he decided a Tiara would be a little too fancy and opted for a mask.

Gage also looked fancy with his tie and slacks

Abigail just finished her Fancy Tiara

Keanna turning a fancy 7!

Lindsey knows how to be fancy her wardrobe would not be complete without a crown AND fan!

The guest of honor and birthday girl, Chloe!!! Turning 3!

Below is Chloe sitting upon her throne waiting to blow out some birthday candles.

Fancy is for everyone, even mothers! Fancy Megan helped fancy Hilary and Emily keep the candles burning for the birthday girls!

and Chloe waiting to blow out their fancy candles on their fancy cupcakes!
What a wonderfully Fancy Evening!!!!
Happy Birthday Keanna and Chloe