Friday, April 29, 2011

Everyday beauty

I believe that if we would slow down (just a little) we would realize that there are so many beautiful things around us. Below is my beautiful friend and her adorable baby.

A sleeping child always has a peaceful beauty about it, dont you think?

Busy April

If I haven't returned your phone calls it's because April has been a busy month within about 1 week we recarpeted our front room and upstairs.

Justin and I moved the furniture and pulled the carpet, pad and cleaned the floor boards. Below is a picture of our front room after we pulled the carpet. We also pulled off all of the sideboards and we will replace them with white sideboards.

Lyndi's room is below with the carpet removed

Keanna was such a good little helper sweeping up the dirt

Ayla's bedroom was really tricky. The carpet was glued to the pad and the pad to the floor. We ended up scraping it up. All of the windows seals in these bedrooms where also painted white to match the washboards. Painting wood white is the worst, it takes many coats.

The master bedroom. I also painted this room a Benjamin Moore Pottery Barn color.

I will get after photo's up later. I am still putting my house together. We decided we will replace 1 door a month and one of these Saturdays put up white trim. We will post pictures at a later date.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rain, Rain, Rain

There is just something about sitting on the porch snuggled up in a warm blanket and watching the rain

EO twist on the Easter Egg Hunt

Uncle Jake and Aunt Wendy have a yearly Easter Egg Hunt Tradition. There's is a little different, they saddle up a bunch of horses and the children take a horse ride and look on the ground for an Easter Egg. It's a perfect Cowboy Easter Egg Hunt and the kids LOVE it!

Litte Lyndi

spunky Jacee

Funny Keanna

cute Ayla

patienty waiting for their turn to ride on a horse and look for an egg

Keanna and Lyndi Happy on the horse

Ayla and Aunt Garrity's fianace Seth

Lyndi was really angry that she had to get off the horse. As I tried to snap an unhappy picture she took off her hat and pushed the camera away (good paparazzi practice).

Hunter after enjoying a little chocolate

Dad and Ayla looking for an Easter Egg

Happy on a horse

waiting to ride the horse

The dog enjoying one of the eggs

Happy and wet Ayla

Cute Friends: Ayla, Abby and Chloe

After all the eggs are found we gathered out of the rain and in the shed for a nice potluck meal!

Friday, April 22, 2011

A photo for my loving and supportive sister Holly
A photo for my friend and sister in law Rebecca

A photo for Mother Nature to remind her that it's time for spring

Just Because...they grow up WAY too fast

More Birthday Fun!!

Our Three beautiful girls excited to open birthday presents!
Ayla opening a present

Later that evening Grandma and Grandpa came over for quesidilla's and red peppers, Ayla's menu choice and had another special birthday moment.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

If you have ever doubted that Justin wasn't suppose to have 3 girls

Ribbon dancing with his girls, that's a man who is secure with his masculinity :)

Ayla's Birthday Party

Ayla was very excited to have her very own friend birthdayy party. We started the event out by helping me clean up a jellybean explosion. It's true the jelly bean bag exploded and thankfully I had little helpers to help me clean things up. Below is a picture of the last event of the party (sorry we are out of order), we played musical chairs, the kids loved it!!!

click on the picture to see it not blurry :)
The main event for the day was the Hot tub. The kids LOVED it!

Some loved splashing more than others. My friend Hilary and I were protected as we watched from the dining room window.

We then gathered round the dinner table for a little birthday cake

A birthday cake is always magical at this age

And Now for the Guestlist:




Ayla (The girl of honor)



This ended up being a REally fun birthday party, that ended with Ayla taking a nap!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Dance, Dance, Dance

My girls LOVE to dance. It's a lot of fun to crank up some music and have fun dancing our hearts out

At times I have to lay down the law because I think the girls would dance their way out of all responsibility, if I let them. I have also laid down the law for no music nor dancing while we are eating.

Despite all of my restrictions

We have a LOT of fun :)