Friday, August 28, 2009

Visiting Grandma and Grandpa

My brother Matt. Lyndi and I drove to visit Grandma and Grandpa Sadler on the first day I was back. We met my other brother Allen and his three kids Taylor, Austin and Peyton.
My Grandmother loves to garden and has everything from plums to peppers in her garden. The bottom picture only shows a portion of her wonderful garden.

Peyton 1 year old

Taylor (11 years) and Lyndi (6 months)

Grandma dn Grandpa

Allen, Lyndi and Peyton


Grandma Sadler and Lyndi

It's always a delight visiting Grandparents.
Grandma Sadler, Lyndi and Grandpa Sadler

Grandpa Sadler

Growing Up

With our first children we didn't have anything fancy for a high chair. However, this time around I decided I wanted to splurge on a baby chair. It's been great! Lyndi sits with us during dinner and is delighted to be part of the family meal.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Ireland: Day 3

These Ireland pictures go way back. Our computer crashed and we then had to recover all of our pictues, we are finally recording our last day in Ireland.
These pictures are a little out of order, but they are photo's of Keanna and I after we climbed the hill to overlook the ocean. So beautiful!

Justin and I had a heart to heart and we realized that traveling with 3 young children would require some adjustments. We visited the aquariam in the morning and then spent some time driving and enjoying the beautiful views.

We decided to go off the beaten path to get a little bit higher up. We reached a stone fence that would require quite a bit of effort to maneuver our entire family over. Justin took the younger girls back to the car and Keanna and I went on our own little adventure to the top of a little hill overlooking the ocean.

Monday, August 10, 2009


For Justin's Birthday he got 2 pink and purple softball gloves. Today he decided to put them to use.
Above it Ayla waiting for her personel softball lesson.
Keanna really improved on her throwing skills today

Above is Keanna is her best athletic stance


While I waited at the airport terminal Justin took the kids on little adventures. On friday they ventured out into the forest. We didn't realize until Sunday that Ayla had a tick. She was a little afraid for us to take it out, but she was brave. We tried to get a picture of the tick, but it just turned out blurry.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Justin wouldn't help Keanna pull out her tooth. He said there was a certain satisfaction that he wanted Keanna to experience for herself.

This is moments after loosing her tooth, it's a little bloody, but she didn't care.

It was a proud moment for Justin to witness his firstborn's monumental dental milestone

Manure Madness

We like to keep the windows open in the morning so the morning breeze can help keep our house cool. However, when we see this truck we quickly run and shut all the windows.

If you look closely you can see the brown stuff coming out the back, that's not muddy water.

Sadly, we forgot to shut some of the windows in our house and in Ayla's words "Is sinky in here!!!"

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Laughing Lyndi

Justin and Lyndi both enjoy playing a game of "Peek A Boo" with a blanket. Keanna took some cute pictures of Lyndi.

I just couldn't decide which picture to post they are all so cute.

It's so fun to see her squeal with delight

Happy Birthday Justin!!

This is a picture of Justin, Ayla and Keanna on his birthday. Justin is such a wonderful husband and father. He is continually patient with me and the girls,helps around the house, does all the scary or yucky jobs and he is super fun to be with. I couldn't ask for a better travel partner, he typically drives, navigates, takes on the role as a tour guide feeding me history and other intresting facts and stays calm when things get stressful. Justin is my best friend and I am so thankful that I am married to him, I think I did well.

Justin had to go out of town the night before his birthday and got home at about 8:30 pm on his birthday. The girls and I anticipated his return all day. The older girls waited up late prepared for the big party. Lyndi didn't quite make the party and retired to bed.

The girls anticipating Justin's birthday party!!

Our Beautiful Girls

Our Beatiful girls almost ready for bed. Keanna has changed quite a bit since this picture that was taken at the beginning of July.