Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dingle Loop, Day 2

We started our morning out by driving the dingle penisula. Without stops this should be a short 30 minute drive with some fun and historic sites along the way. We quickly realized that historic site hopping is a little difficult with 3 kids, so we decided to enjoy the view. This soil in this area was incredibly rocky; thus they made EVERYTHING out of this shale type rock. Below is an example of this.
The first beach that we saw we stopped and let the girls go and play. They had a fun time and even found some sea shells.

The drive had one amazing view after another.

I felt a little bad because we hadn't taken any pictures of Lyndi yet. Here she is sleeping in her carseat.

The girls are really lucky to have a Daddy who plays with them. I spent a great deal of time feeding Lyndi and while I did this Justin and the older girls found opportunities to play.

In this picture you can see the rock fences on the hill probably used to seperate their sheep. Modern day barbwire fences seem to be the current

This picture gives you a good idea of the narrow roads we traveled on. Again the guard rail was a small rock wall.

We had to stop and wait for the sheep rancher to herd his sheep into the beautiful pasture with an ocean view. He even had a dog that reminded him of his beloved sheep dog Maddie.

The beach was too enticing we decided with the beautiful weather we should go and play a little.

Justin parked the car while the girls and I decided to go splash around in the water. The first wave knocked Ayla over leaving her wet and angry. Below is a picture of her explaining to Dad the dangers of the ocean.

Although the sun was shinning it was still quite a little chilly, especially for our wet Ayla.

Keanna loved playing in the water. She would drop her sea shell in and then try to find it once the waves washed it back

After falling in the ocean, Ayla needed a little more one on one with Dad.

Despite Justin's efforts Ayla didn't like being thrown up in the air. Below Justin and Ayla are discussing the recent offense.
Every now and then I ask Justin to snap a picture of me as evidence that I was on the trip.

Before getting back in the car Keanna needed to clean her sea shell.

another beautiful view as we finished the Dingle Loop

Monday, May 25, 2009

Ireland Day 1

There is so much to see in Ireland, but with our growing family we decided we wanted to keep the trip as simple as possible and settle in one area. We debated, but finally decided on the westernmost part of Ireland in Dingle. This area is subsudized by the government to preserve the traditional Gaeltacht language and culture.
The statue represents Fungie, the real dolphin that resides in Dingle harbor. Fungie has lived there since 1983 and is tourist favorite. He is frequently seen in the bay and harbor.
Keanna and Ayla near Dingle harbor. Keanna is giving us her toughest "sailor" pose, and Ayla, like always, is trying to figure out what Keanna is doing so she can copy her.

It was a little rainy thay first day, but after a long car and plane ride we wanted to get out and enjoy ourselves.

3 months

Lyndi at 3 months! She is soo big! I need to put away her 3-6 month clothes and get her 6-9 month clothes!

Lyndi hit a milestone in an unusual place. Today we were flying home from Ireland and she spit up all over herself. We went to the airport bathroom to change her clothes. As I was pulling down the baby changer I looked in the mirror to see Lyndi smiling at herself. I held her to the mirror several times after that and she continued to smile at herself.

Monday, May 18, 2009


I really am making a valiant effort at being girly. Here is Keanna with her hair in sponge curlers Saturday night. Straight hair is a TOTALLY different ball game!
Ayla loves to s walk around in the field in front of our house. I just wish we had more sunshine, so she could do this more.

Potty Party!!!!

I have been desperate to find a solution to help Ayla Potty Train. I tried sticker charts, treats, toys and nothing worked for more then 3 times. I knew Ayla had the ability to be potty trained, she just needed to have the desire. In a moment of great frustration, I decided on having a potty party.

Nate, Haeyden, and Ayla

Ayla helped me pick out the "potty favors," decorate the house with balloons and streamers and set up the chairs where the childrens under pants would go. She was so excited. I told all the children that they were big kids and had a choice. They could go potty on the toilet or clean up their mess. I don't know if it helped the other Mom's, but this worked for Ayla!!!
She has had maybe 2 accidents since last Wednesday!!! I am so proud of her!! What a big girl!

Saturday, May 9, 2009


When I began blogging I thrieved off of coments. Now I usually just write for myself, so... if your busy don't worry about reading about all our drama.

This morning Keanna took her slippers downstairs to be placed next to my sewing machine. "It stinks down here!" she exclaimed. Insided my head I thought of course it stinks down there, I have mounds of dirty laundry that need to be attended to.

A little later I walked downstairs to switch the laundry into the dryer. Keanna was right, it was unusally stinky downstairs. I open up the front loader and found a little suprise! You see, we are potty training Ayla and apparently, I didn't clean out her pants well enough and found a little log in the washer. I heroickly cleaned it out and needless to say I am rewashing that load several more times.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Insight for Today

This morning we woke up at 6:45 to begin getting ready for school. Justin jumped in the shower and I sat in Lyndi's room nursing as I listened to the girls get ready. For no apparent reason, Keanna began to stomp, screech, and cry. I sat in the next room gritting my teeth as my nerves began to wind into a tighter knot. I unlatched Lyndi and approached the situation with a lack of calmness and much frustration. My first approach, I asked as kindly as possible "Whats wrong" her reply was "I don't know." I continued nursing Lyndi and Keanna continued the tantrum. Again, I sat in Lyndi's room clenching my fists with frustration. I called Keanna into Lyndi's room and told her to "knock it off," her response was "I don't know how to knock it off." Keanna returned to her room and continued to pout,cry and scream.

Luckily, Justin emereged from the bathroom and quickly took note of the situation. There is a reason Justin has 4 girls he is amazingly patient and insightful. He asked Keanna if she were dying, if her dog had died, if she were hurt and added a couple silly questions. She answered No to all of his questions and with a bout of laughter, Justin was able to calm the waters. (I am postive my family members are chuckling as of now, I believe I remember myself acting in a similar matter, sorry).

We continued with the morning routine, getting dressed, doing hair and while the girls sat in the dining room eating breakfast I whispered to Justin my fears of the drama assoicated with raising 3 girls! Keanna finished breakfast and went upstairs to brush her teeth.

"Mom" Keanna stood at the top of the stairs with a new found understanding of the complexities of her life "I know why Hailey isn't playing with me at recess..." at this moment I too had an insight on her previous morning tantrum. The anxities Keanna felt about going to school and approaching this "friend triangle" pushed her over the edge this morning. Not even Keanna understood her sorrowful feelings, all she knew is that, they were there. Tender in age, Keanna is still learning how to appropriately express those confusing sad feelings.

Keanna and I briefly talked about her problem at school and after she left I continued to contimplate my own parenting revelation. I remember in one of my Family Therapy classes my professor talked about when couples fight over silly things, they really aren't fighting over the present situation. The problem usually goes much deeper. Keanna really wasn't yelling because Ayla looked at her wrong, but Keanna was anxious about what would happen at school today. I need to look much deeper, is there something at home, school or in the community such as the swine flue, that might be upsetting. Last week Keanna was "acting up" and I soon realized she was scarred about the Swine Flu , I didn't realize she knew about this virus. Keanna was afraid Lyndi's cold would result in death.

I believe this is why Keanna and other children might tantrum for no apparent reason.
Instead of reacting to the screams of my child I should listen for the hidden problem causing the scream.By having this insight I hope to approach these tantrums a little differently. I hope by writing this down it will help me remember today's parenting insight and maybe give someone else a little insight on their child's tantrum.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Gutten Morgan

Lucky for me Lyndi usually sleeps in until 8 am. Usually, I am able to get Keanna ready and off to school before I need to attend to her needs. When Lyndi does finally wake up, Ayla rushes to her bedroom, skoots over a chair, then starts singing and talking to her. This morning was no different, but when I looked into her crib I got a little chuckle.
This is what I saw....
I guess those first lights in the morning, can be a little bright.