Saturday, June 28, 2008

Washing the car

On our military commercials it often says that "in Germany, it's illegal to wash your car on a public street." We have been a little confused about this. I asked my neighbor Vanessa about it and she looked at me like I was strange. We have noticed our German neighbor washing his car on his driveway (its not a public street). A week or so ago it was pouring rain. Justin thought illegal or not, he would take advantage of the situation.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Can you get chicken pox twice??

After Ayla's first birthday I took her to the doctors to get some shots. About a week after she developed small red bumps in her hairline and torso area. Out of concern I made another trip to the doctor to make sure everything was okay.
After reviewing Ayla's case, he decided it was a case of chicken pox, due to the recent vaccine. Our room was then stormed by about 10 doctors who wanted to get a glimpse of this fading disease. We were ordered to stay at home and then our room was quarantined for the day. Well the other day I took off Ayla's shirt and this is what I found. (double click on the picture to get a better glimpse of her symptoms).

After further examination, I am happy to say that this case of bumps, was due to Ayla's recent invasion of cherry tomatoes.

She must be a Bingham

Bingham's tend to be perfectionist. I will give you a few examples.

1. When Justin and I first began dating he came to my house one night quite upset. I asked him what was wrong and I was finally able to coax it out of him. He had taken a test and he got a B+. He was devestated that he didn't get an "A". I didn't quite understand his devastation, but I tried my best to be understanding. He continually is hard on himself when things aren't perfect.

2. Justin has told me stories of building fence, with his brothers. He tells me about his brother agonizing over how straight the post is or tight how tight the wires are. Of course, his brother, being a Bingham, wanted the fence to be perfect.

I don't hold this perfectionist quality. I like to get things done and if it't not perfect "oh, well." I guess Justin and I balance one another out.

Keanna was invited to a birthday party. Today we spent the morning shopping for the perfect gift and then she came home and wrapped it, all by herself. After the finished product was done, she began to cry. I was a little irritated, but held my cool and asked her why she was so upset. She was worried that her friend wouldn't like the present because she didn't wrap it perfectly. The heart was too fat and the sides didn't look like Mommy's. I assured her that her friend would love her gift and that she did a wonderful job. Keanna may look like me, but she is a Bingham.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Day 3, St. Goars Rheinfels Castle

While I checked us out of our hotel, Justin took the kids down to the Rhine for more kid time. There were two sets of Mom and Baby ducks that were competing for bread. One group of ducks were definetely the bullies. At one point one of the ducks was biting the other around the neck. Thank goodness the ma ma duck came to save those poor babies.

We visited St. Goars Rhinefels castle built in 1245. It withstood a siege of 28,000 French Troops in 1692. However, the French did suceed in the 18th century destroying more then half of the structure.
500 years ago this fortress was completely self sufficient in case of a siege. Talk about being prepared for an emergency. It included everything from a bakery, pharmacy, brewery and livestock. During peaceful time around 300 people lived here, but under an attack 4,000 people moved in.

Ayla insisted that she do the climb by herself. Sometimes it was easier then other times.

Who can fault me for having such cute children. Of course I take a milltion pictures of them.

Cannon balls were to expensive to not recycle, they would be retrieved after battle. who wants that job.

Lets see how good you are at "Wheres Waldo" try our version "Where is the castle."

I know there's a lot of pictues, but check out this view!

Look you see that parking lot of cars, you can see our van. Ayla walked every step up the hill and up to the castle, refusing any help. She's got to be tired.

Enjoying the view

Yep someone is tired whe have another tantrum on our way up another turret. Are you beginning to see a pattern.

Around 1600's They built many tunnels in which they planted mines. When the enemy would approach they would blow up the mines destroying 100's of invaders. I wish we would have brought flashlights so we could have explored the tunnels.

Justin found the guillotine in the mens bathroom above the urinal.Now thats the way to keep your man in order. Each time he uses the restroom he is reminded of his punishment for not obeying the Queen. Ha, ha. We got a kick out of this one :)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Trier, Day 2

Mom and Dad killing time while the kinders play

more friendly "kid time" before we started our big day.

Roman Trier was built as a capital. Its architecture mirrored the grandeur empire. This is the only gate of 4 that survived. This was built without mortar, only sandstone pegs and iron blocks, its blackened over time. This gate later became a church who housed Saint Simeon, he lived inside for 7 years.

Here we are strolling through the town of Trier, right before we get poured on.

Trier, Day 2

City Center

In most city centers you find artists and musicians performing. This has been my favorite thus far. This person would stand so still that you thought he was a fountain, he even had water streaming from his hat and hands. He would quickly move robotically and gesture for people to give him money. It was so entertaining.

Cathedral Dom

There were altars lining the nave who weren't dedicated to saints, but rather bishops. Hmm... intresting
This cathedral holds some important relics supposedly the Holy Robe of Christ and a Holy nail from the Crucifixion. I don't know if I buy into the idea that these ancient artifiacts are here, but if not, its a good way for them to make money

This was our little photo shoot inside the Cathedral Dom. Justin and I take turns reading the history. While he read the history I took photo shoots of my adorable kids. I don't know what he did during my history lesson.

This building is the largest intact Roman building outside of Rome. It's best known as a basilica, but it started out as a throne room. Each square is the ceiling above is 10 feet by 10 feet. The last emperor moved out in 395 AD, by th 12th century, the bishops turned it into a palace. In 1856 it was turned into a Lutheran church. I found this church very intrestesting, its so plain and simple in comparison to other churches.

Ayla is our little director "This way!"

Imperial Baths

These Imperial Baths built by Constantine are the biggest of Triers 3 Roman baths and the most intricate of the Roman World.

Keanna and Ayla are trying to figure out exactly how these bathes work. They have found a nice little crevice to sit back and relax. Now they just need the water.

Here are some pictures of the family. The weather in Trier rarely gets warm. Therefor, there was a lot of slave labor used to keep the pools at a perfect 47 degrees Celsius (120 degrees Farhenheit). We went in underground tunnels where the slaves and pipes worked on keeping Constantine happy.

After a long day or touring this beautiful city Ayla decided to crash. I love watchin her fall asleep, its so funny

Enjoying the town of Bacharach, Day 2

Our hotel was in Bacharach and we thought it would be fun to explore this city. It was a perfect mideveal town with narrow cobblestone roads and old buildings. We took a climb up to see the castle at the top of the hill and discovered a beautiful and incredible place.

This house was built in 1368! That's back in the days when they thought the world was flat!

Here we are walking up the big hill

Keanna did a good job taking a picture of Justin and I

I love this picture you can see my cute girls, the castle, the vineyards and the river.

Here we are exploring the castle wall. There were many rock formations and we wondered just how many "castles" and other structures once stood here. Yes, those are goats!