Friday, October 29, 2010

So much space!!!!!

What do you do with a gigantic, empty room?
It becomes the skating, dancing, tumbling, running skiing room.
The children really hope we don't buy too much furniture.

Just Because

Lyndi often smiles like this with her face squished up and a great big happy it!
However, I do enjoy a natural smile as well

and Ayla never disappoints with her great grins

Relaxing on OUR front porch

It's great to have our own front porch. There is enough room for us all to sit and relax.
Our scarecrow and Justin resemble each other...don't you think

little Lyndi


Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Justin, Danny, Drew, and DT

It's not very often when all of Justin's "Pals" from growing up are in the same place at the same time. Well it finally happened after a Powder Valley Football game.

Emma's Baby Blessing September 5th

On Sunday we were able to go to Pocatello and be part of Emma's baby blessing. It's really nice to be back in country so we can be part of these family events again.
Beautiful baby Emma

The happy family Andrew, Katherine and Emma

The entire group

Brianna and Keanna loving their few hours together

PS Thanks Tami for letting me once again "borrow" your photos :)

Fire wood, take 2

We went with Josh, Tara and both of our families to get wood. I was working so I didn't think to take out my camera until the very end of the day.

Landon. All of the girls were out in the woods playing house so I didn't get any other children's pictures.

Tara showing us how it's done

The car ride home. Everyone actually looks quite happy. Back seat Keanna, Ayla and Ashley
middle row: Michone, Ryan and Lyndi

Blast from the past

We went to visit Josh Tara and their family in Sugar City, we decided to go around Rexburg and see how our old stomping ground has changed. It's crazy how much it's changed!!!

Below Lyndi and Justin stand at the place where we had our first kiss!!!
Again wherer we had our first kiss, there weren't as many houses here 11 years ago.

Here I am at my apartment building. the top middle window was mine.

Justins apartment, the top door to the left was his.

Again...Justin in front of his apartment building
We only had Lyndi on this little day trip at first I thought that people might mistake us for college students, because I really do think we look young. I quickly realized that we look old in comparison to these students. In 11 more years we could be back on this same campus to drop off our own daughter!!! that was a scary realization.

First Day of 2nd Grade

This is a picture of Keanna on her first day of 2nd grade. I think Ayla is really going to miss her.

Friday, October 22, 2010

camping and wood

Around here it's common to go up into the mountains and collect wood for your furnace for the upcoming winter. We knew our house had a wood stove so we partcipated. Everyone went up the night before and camped so the guys could get to work bright and early the next morning. I wimped out Lyndi and I came home. Below you can see Gage and Lyndi were investigating thing on their own.
cute Chloe

messy Lyndi

Gage and Lyndi

is it love...

I think so...

alright, alright I know... we need a dog


Keanna copying her tough cousin Roper and jumped into the hay

Roper showing us his mad jumping skills

Ayla 's face expresses it all

Lyndi thrilled with the experience

what an adorable little calf!

Cousins Camp Day 1 and a few extra

a few more pictures from one of the swim days
Ayla LOVED this slide

Taylor enjoyed it as well

Dad and Tami (mostly Tami) took the older kids for a day and did fun activities with them. This gave grandma and grandpa some quality time with the kids and gave the parents an opportunity to rest. What a great idea!!

Keanna painting her shirt

Ayla intent on a bubble

Ayla swishing bubbles

Asia dancing with the bubbles

Keanna making a BIG bubble

my adorable girls, love Ayla's smile in this one

great picture of Lyndi, good job Tami