Friday, September 28, 2007

Portraits of the girls

Here is a picture of Ayla, I guess its fitting Ayla loves to show her teeth
This is a self portrait of Keanna, she is the most glamorous of the portraits and accessories with a cowgirl hat

This picture is of MOM, I guess this is what I look like when I am angry! I have the wide eyes and I am gritting my teeth.

A kind sister in the ward has shared some of her toys with us. It feels like Christmas! Keanna finally has something to do, she can play with some new toys. I think she is sick of the few we have bought for the girls. Here are some portraits of some of her family members.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

No camera

I was about to sit down and write a post about the most memorable toilets we have seen in Europe (pictures included). However, Justin left today for a "professional training" in Munich, it seems that he has taken the camera. I find it interesting they are having a "professional training" in Munich during Oktoberfest, coincidence, I think not. I am sure Justin will be the designated driver.
His training doesn't involve dentistry, they are going to a concentration camp and to look at World War II History. It sounds like a fun trip to me, too bad he couldn't take his family. However, do stay tuned for the "most memorable toilets post"

Monday, September 17, 2007

Shopping in Germany

It's getting colder here and the girls only have sandals. Today I thought it would be fun to venture out and buy the girls some shoes. Schulzbach is a nearby town and I was told that there was a "shopping mall" as you enter the city, I thought I would give it a try.

As I entered the city I drove into what appeared to resemble a shopping mall, no it was a grocery store. I continued until I got into the city center. I managed to find a blue P, indicating parking. I grabbed my two girls, I forgot the stroller, and began my first German shopping experience as the only adult. We wandered down the streets until I found some windows with shoes, luckily they also had a few "kinder" shoes. We quickly found the small basket with shoes that would fit Keanna, she had 2 "girl" choices in her size, she is a size 28. Pink shoes with hearts or pink shoes with flowers. In the meantime the kind shopkeeper with my permission gave my girls suckers. I continued shopping for Ayla there was even less of a selection. For Ayla I decided on a pair of blue shoes with flowers, the most girly thing I could find. As I selected Ayla's shoes the shopkeeper gave keanna a ring and a small box of colored pencils.

The total came to 26.90 Euro, kind of pricey. However, for those of you who know me I like to bargain shop and I had a plan to reduce the amount. In Germany they have an automatic tax of 19% on all of their goods, except food. As an American I can use a VAT form which will take the 19% off my total price.

I gave my VAT form to the shopkeeper, he starred at me blankly. I don't think he knew what it was. He and another women talked about it for several minutes and attempted to fill out the form, they did so incorrectly. We hand gestured for several minutes and I tried to gesture what I meant. After awhile I gestured that it was no big deal and paid the full price. I couldn't bring myself to not buy the shoes after the shopkeeper treated us so kindly

I walked out of the store knowing I just paid a fortune for 2 pair of shoes that will be outgrown in months.First, the dollar is very weak right now. Today the exchange is .70 to 1 Euro, second I paid 19% tax!
Ouch! No bargains today!
I will have to find a Marlena or Sandi around here

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Auf Der Hohe 37 Edelsfeld Germany

This is a link to our house via google sattelite. Go to this site type in our address Auf Der Hohe 37 Edelsfeld Germany

Click this link below, it should be a direct link to the house, Thanks Austin,-95.677068&sspn=39.916234,73.828125&ie=UTF8&ll=49.580925

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Edelsfeld house

Keanna upstairs
bedroom #1, there is another bedroom exactly like this
bathroom, with a shower and a BATHTUB
3rd bedroom

We finally got our keys to the house in Edelsfeld Germany. On Friday we will be getting furniture and we will move. I am giddy over the fact that I will be living in a 3 bedroom home. Although, the walls of this motel room have been quite cozy, I can't wait! I apologize for the numerous pictures. I am just excited.

Edelsfeld house

front entry, one door is a bathroom, the other a closet
view from front porch
basement room, play room
stairs from basement
Keanna on stairs

Our NEW HOME!!!!!!!!! in Edelsfeld Germany

Dining room looking out from kitchen
living room looking from dining room(sorry this is a bad picture)
stairs looking for dining room

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Rose Gardens

The Rose Gardens in Portland still beat this Rose Garden.

Cathedral of St.Peter and St. George

Bambergs first Catherdral: was consecrated on Emperors Heinrich II's 39th birthday on May 6th 1012, it burned to the ground. Bishop Otto I had it rebuilt (1102-1139) again the building burned down. The current cathedral was consecrated on May 6th 1237.

This cathedral is gothic style as you can tell by the arches, plain styling (not ornate) and the gargoyles found throughout. This was a massive cathedral consiting of Crypt. In 1987-1995 during excavation work the crpyt was uncovered. This was the Bishops Burial Place, which had been planned for many years. However, the first bishop was buried there 1998. It was a little strange to walk down in the crypt, we felt uncomfortable taking a picture of the crypt.

Seehof Palace

Quick Facts about Seehof castle:

This was a summer residence of prince bishops designed during the end of the 15th century. Several Prince Bishops used this as their summer hunting lodge. During the 18th century the baroque gardens under Prince Bishop Lothar Franz von Schonbum was created.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Butlers Job at Seehof Palace

This is a toilet on the side of the bed. After using the toilet the guest would push it into the wall. The butler then takes the toilet and disposes of the waste. This apparently was a new and popular invention during this time period. Wouldn't you want the butlers job!


Our girls in the palace

Our cute girls, we sure do love them. When we took the tour of the palace we were chasing our girls around keeping them from touching everything. Consequently, we didn't get as much of the history as we would have liked. However, this room that I am standing in is the entertaining room. There are pictures on the walls starting with a spring to winter scenes. The picture of the cupid is at the top of the room. The way the artist painted the cupid it looks like he is pointing his arrow at you wherever you are standing in the room.

Seehof Palace

Well I don't know if we have been too picky, but we are wanting to move into a place similar to this. The beautiful gardens the girl can play in, beautiful fountains and our own personal lake. You don't think we are asking too much???
On Saturday we went to Seehof Palace with our new friends the Kings. This was the princes summer home, he came here to hunt. Goats roamed the within the palace walls. A wedding party was here taking pictures. Keanna's favorite part was seeing the "princess."

We have upgraded

Well sadly enough we are still in the motel. I have really tried to stay positive, but I have had many moments of despair. However, we have updgraded to a larger room. We have taken the shrunks and made a little room for Keanna and Ayla. It hasn't been quite as successful as I hoped. Ayla end up in bed with us about 2:00 in the morning, Keanna wanders in at about 4:00. Our children who were once great sleepers are no longer.

Got Milk?

We have REALLY missed milk in a plastic container. They only sell boxed milk here. It is necessary to drink the milk quickly. Otherwise, the result is a sour chunky suprise. I also miss cottage cheese. The cottage cheese I have tried is quite curdy.
Although I have never been a big fan of McDonalds I would take a meal from the states over one here in Germany. The other day we stopped at McDonalds for the wonderful play structure. Much to our dismay the burgers had so much grease on them we seriously wondered if they were deep fried. Everyone says Europeans are so healthy, I'm not buying it. Everything is fried.

Our Sweet Ride

After dental school many treat themselves to nice vehicle. Justin has admired the audi for many, many years. Now that we have finally graduated school we decided to make the leap to a beautiful 1985 gold audi. Like many of Justins peers he too will be riding in luxury.