Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Girls

I thought I would add a few fun stories to our blog journal about our girls.

The other day Keanna and Justin were in the car talking. Justin expressed to Keanna how sometimes he missed Germany.
Justin- Keanna do you miss Germany?
Keanna- yes
Justin- Can you give me an example of what you miss?
Keanna- When I am walking down the street and someone talks to me then I think I miss Germany because the people in Germany don't speak my language and we don't have to talk.

Today during our Walmart shopping trip we needed to take a bathroom break. Lyndi and I took the large stall and Ayla went into her own stall. As we sat to do our business Ayla breaks out with her sweet voice with this song:
"I use the potty, when I have to pee! I use the potty, when I have to pee! I use the potty when I have to pee! Now I am learning how."

Ayla then began the second verse:
"I use the potty, when I have to poop! I use the potty, when I have to poop! I use the potty when I have to poop! Now I am learning how."

I just had to smile because this singing in a public bathroom behavior is fitting for our happy little girl. As we washed and dryed our hands I had two women chuckle as they expressed there delight with the songs.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas Eve Tubing

In Justin's Family, it's tradition to go tubing on Christmas Eve. It's a fun tradition that exhausts the children. I posted a ton of pictures, if you weren't there you just might want to skip this post.


Brady and Mason

Eli and Lacey

Hailey, Stran and Seth


You can see Keanna coming down on a tube all by herself. We are happy she has caught the tubing spirit.





Natalie and her kids

I think this is Justin's Uncle Allen and his granddaughters

Lyndi missing out on the fun

Uncle Jason and Gage

Sierra Hiking up the hill

Sierra and Megan


It was a perfect day to go sledding

Ayla is such a cutie

Piano Recital

This fall Keanna started piano lessons with her teacher Mrs. Grandma. At first Keanna became frustrated becuase she had to work a little at it, but eventually she has realized that with a little bit of pracitce she can now play a few fun songs. Mrs. Grandma had a recital on Monday December 20th, they started with the youngest and progressed to the oldest. Below is Lindsey.
Keanna had about 5 to 6 songs she played.

One of the songs was a duet with Mrs. Grandma



(urghh, I don't know her name)

Katy (it was fun to have Keanna watch her play because I think she realized that if she practices she will be able to play well someday

Monday, January 3, 2011

Red Hot Readers Month 2011

Okay it's negative digits here in North Powder, I DO NOT want to take my children outside, so instead, this month we are going to read 2011 minutes as a family!!! Do you want to join us??

Last spring Keanna's old school, Vilseck Elementary, had what they called REd Hot Readers Month. Each child was encouraged to read 2010 minutes. I was amazed at the growth Keanna had in her reading skills that month.
I wanted to continue that tradition, but decided we would make it a family goal instead. We will record our minutes and keep track of our reading time. This will include reading to Lyndi and Ayla or solo reading time and even Family Scripture Study!!!
If we meet our goal we will have a family bowling party!!
So... if you want to join us we would LOVE It!! and would love to hear your adventures while doing so!!!