Thursday, December 30, 2010

good girl

Keanna continues to impresses me. This morning I haven't felt great a combination of not enough sleep and maybe fighting some type of illness. Keanna WITHOUT asking

1. cleaned the playroom

2. took care of Lyndi so I could take a shower

3. Broughts wood in from the wood shed
4. played with her sisters
5. packed her clothes for our weekend trip
ALl of this and it's not even 11 in the morning!! I am sure lucky to have this wonderful girl!!


One of Justin's treasured memories of his dog Matty is how playful she is with snow. Even in her old age, Matty enjoys jumping at snow thrown at her.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Good Morning!

One of the greatest joys as a mother is too see your children play and enjoy one another
During our Christmas break we have stayed in our PJ's a little longer than usual

and the girls have more time to wrestle
Merry Christmas!

Ayla's First Christmas Concert

Ayla attends preschool in Haines a small town about 10 minutes from here. On Thursday night we had Ayla's Christmas program. You really can't see her up on the stage, but she was adorably animated throughout the program. Next year, the girls will attend the same school so that will be nice to only have one program!
Below is our cute little Ayla!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Wed, Keanna's Christmas Concert

Wednesday December 15th Keanna had her school Christmas program. Below you can see Keanna sitting with her class before the concert started.
I circled Keanna so you can see her better :) One of these holidays I think I will get a better lense :)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

and the Christmas season begins

Potty Time part II????

Keanna and Ayla have been REALLY excited about potty training Lyndi. They have sat with her in the bathroom encouraging her to go, watched potty movies with her and have shown her exactly how it's done. Lyndi enjoys the attention very much, but I don't think she is quite ready.
The other day I walked into our bathroom and found poop all over the floor. Further into my investigation, I realized that I had little poop prints across the kitchen and down the stairs. I don't think I am quite ready for potty training, maybe Keanna and Ayla will really do it for me?

Keanna's first basketball experience

This fall Keanna played basketball for the first time. There were a lot of practices and games. Although, the didn't win many I think the kids learned a lot. Below you can see Ayla patiently waiting through another game.
Lyndi became very comfortable with the YMCA gym and made it nearly impossible for Mom to actually watch many games. Her favorite place to run and hide...the girls bathroom.

Keanna's team is in yellow and I snapped a few pictures of them warming up during their last game.

Justin and Jason were great coaches

Keanna's friend Katy ready to make a basket

dribbling down the court

Clay ready to shoot

Poor Lindsey just had her tonsils out, but she still wanted to support her team on their last game


Ayla and another supportive sister Sierra

Lyndi is quite the supporter

I like Keanna's follow through in this one

Lyndi's classic cheese it smile

practice practice practice


Keanna's friend Katy

Keanna ready to make a basket

Friday, December 17, 2010

Thanksgiving at Newport Beach

On thanksgiving morning many of us went for a mile fun run (or walk). It was quite entertaining to watch all the kids make this run. Keanna did the entire run by herself, Lyndi had a nice spot on Dad's shoulders and Ayla did most of the run, taking turns running, walking and expressing her annoyance. It

Depoe Bay the smallest Bay in the world

Justin and I in Lincoln City

Yaquina Bay lighthouse

Ryan picking up shells

This is as high up as he would look for a photo, he was really into his shells





Jason, Garrity and Justin (siblings)

Garrity and Leslie (mother and daughter)

Beautiful Newport beach

cute shoes

Landon ready for football

Thanksgiving is not thanksgiving without a little football

Are you cold Ayla?

where is your sock??

Jake and Range playing in the water

more football



more football

Grandpa and Lyndi

Garrity showing us the "proper" form in running

The Women of the Group Emily, Tara, Wendy, Leslie, Stacy and Garrity

Garrity, Leslie and Dale


Dale and Leslie

Jake, Wendy, Roper, Dalle-Jo and Range

Our Family

Jason, Stacy, Gage, Megan, Sierra, Hunter and Lindsey

and you know whats REALLY annoying...getting home fromvacation and realizing that their was a smudge on your lense!!!!