Monday, October 13, 2014

My Dream (What is my subconscious trying to tell me)

I was in a large city with wide streets and many people on the sidewalks.  My group of friends wasn't familiar to my current circle, but we were all sharing a cab together. Just as I was about to enter the cab, I was stopped. Two men in suits blocked my entrance into the cab and coaxed me to come with them. They continued to explain  that I had valuable information . Inside my teeth.  During a routine dental procedure, they explained,  a tiny microchip was placed within my tooth. It was secured by a standard filling. They needed to recover the sensitive information. They firmly grabbed my arm and began to take me away. "Please," I explained "my husband can do it."  This statement caught their attention. "It will be much easier for you, I won't squirm and try to hurt you. He can even give me pain medication." After I mentioned pain medication the thugs loosened their grip. I could sense this was a new concept for them. Their eyes looked fiercely at mine in wonder. Could anesthesia really help? Could we recover our sensitive information in a humane way?  I flailed  my arms and stretched my face as if I were screaming. I explained that I would be hard to contain without proper pain medication. It became clear to them that this was going to be more difficult then they suspected.   They seemed to agree and consider my offer, In that moment of consideration, I seized  that opportunity. I jumped into the cab and slammed the door shut as the cab sped away. The men were puzzled, how did I slip through their fingers?

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